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in this article, we will discuss about the different types of scanning apps for android phones. because this time apps are widely used for scanning documents.

nowadays there is no need for heavy and bulky scanners for scanning of scanners are available in the mobile phones in the android mobiles. the best scanners are available.

in this article, we will discuss the top best and free scanners that are available in the google play store. now mobile phone scanners give the best quality of an image.

in the mobile phone app scanners are available you can scan your photos documents receipts and these scanned document you can upload on google drive and use whenever needed.

now we will see the scanning app which is available on google play store-

  • Adobe scan
  • Google drive
  • turbo scan
  • Smart doc scanner
  • fast scanner free PDF scan
  • Microsoft office PDF scanner
  • v flat ( your mobile book scanner)
  • Scan pro App

Adobe Scan

you can install an adobe scan form google play store. and then use it for scanning of the document, photo, I.D cards this you can also use many features like you can create pdf files of scan document.

scan files you can send from your phone to another phone emails, Whatsapp, Bluetooth, etc.

Why install Adobe scan

creates PDF files.

available on play store which is contain secure.

available on play store which is contain secure apps.

Google Drive

a -google drive is also a good option this is available in the google play store.generally google drive is installed.when you purchase the mobile phone with the help of this app you can scan make pdf, upload on your google account make folder google docs google sheets, etc.

Why install this app

for better security

space available on google drive

Turbo scan

this app is available on the google play store. With the help of this app, you can scan image documents, receipts, notes, whiteboards, etc. in this app you can send the scanned document in the pdf or jpg files from one phone to another phone.

why use this app

secure because it is available on google play store.

4.6 star reviews on google play store.

smart doc scanner

this app is also available on the google play store it is also the best scanning app for the android phone this app is also created pdf, jpg, png files.

in this app, you can also make pdf and import documents from your phone memory and create pdf or collect all the documents in one place or you can send emails from this app also.Best earphone under 500

why use this app

android 10 support.

backup and restore from google drive

share document easily by the help of WiFi direct,social media email etc.

fast scanner free PDF scan

this app is 10 million-plus downloads on google play store. this is the best app for scanning of image, document, receipts creating pdf files. export pdf files from the external memory of the mobile phone. this app is extremely fast.

scanning app scan image or pdf saved on your mobile phone can send any document only one-touch email or social media.

why use this app

unlimited number of scan.

extremely fast.

Microsoft office lens pdf scanner

this app is available on the google play store this is more than 10 million-plus downloads on the google play store.

this is a 4.7-star rating app this app can scan image, photo, any documents A-4 size papers, etc. and make pdf files and send the scanned document easily you can save your document in one note and one drive.

why use this app

this app belong to microsoft.

best safety and security of this app.

this app is given best app of 2015 in the U.S and Puerto Rico by google play.

v flat (your mobile book scanner)-

this is also an android app for scanning of notes and books. there is no need to destroy your books anymore. you can turn your bookshelf into an e-book library with v flat. this app is providing the best scan.

why use this app

better image enhancement.

better page flattening.

document scan mode.

scan pro app

this app is available on the google play store this is a 4.1-star rating app and 1 million-plus download this is also a scanned document, images. this app also scans Q.R codes. and all documents and upload on google drive.

by this app can scan premium quality of pdfs,jpgs with 200 dpi and higher. this app is supported cloud services.

why use this app-

best image quality.

200 dpi scan quality.

best scanning app for android

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