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earphone:- is an electrical device used for listening to the radio, telephone communication, audio listening of mp3 player. it is used for a better quality of voice listening.

here best earphones under 500

  • Boat baseheads 100 in-ear wind earphone with super extra bass inline mic hawk inspired design and perfect length cable
  • I used this earphone the sound quality of this earphone is good.
  • Bass quality is also good.
  • price of this earphone is 399 INR
  • JBL Earphone is basic with ultra-deep bass and mic.
  • I use this earphone is also good quality.
  • I use this earphone.
  • price of this earphone is 397 INR
  • Mi earphone is basic with ultra-deep bass and mic.
  • this earphone uses my friend this is also a good quality of earphones.
  • this earphone price 397 INR.
  • Boult Audio bass buds storm in-ear wired earphone with mic and deep bass HD sound mobile headset with passive noise cancellation.
  • this is one of the best earphones I ever used.
  • The price of this earphone is 349 INR.

Best earphone under 500

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